Minoxidil Vs Finasteride Reddit

There are some side effects to minoxidil, which can cause hair loss. The medication also affects the natural hair growth cycle, causing hair follicles to shorten the telogen phase and shift into the anagen phase. As a result, hair follicles shed prematurely Newspaperworlds.

When compared to minoxidil, finasteride is considered more clinically effective Faptitans. However, it does have some side effects, including decreased sexual desire, excessive hair growth, and trouble urinating. Finasteride should only be used by men who have been diagnosed with male pattern baldness and are not premenopausal wmt24.

Finasteride and minoxidil are effective medications for regrowing hair, but the two medications have different mechanisms of action vpnlab. Minoxidil has been proven to improve the hair count in more than 90% of men with androgenetic alopecia. It is also a topical treatment that comes in foam or liquid form 7hdstar.

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