How to choose your brassiere?

Bra stands for Brassiere, which is French. Perfect small breasts with a big bra

Facts about Breasts and Bras

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  1. The breast is the most cherished symbol of femininity.
  2. It cannot be denied that Breasts are the talk of the town as they attract the opposite sex. makes women interested in breast augmentation Because it is believed that it will make you look good, look sexy, be successful in family life and work, etc sdasrinagar.
  3. Breasts are constantly changing. from changing age changing weight food Exercise, rest, occupation, work, posture, pregnancy and bra wear.
  4. The increase in divorce Late marriages, nowadays, have contributed to the fact that women take great care of their organs that play a part in choosing this couple.
  5. A good bra, besides being comfortable to wear, looking good, sexy, encasing and taking care of the breasts in good condition. It also affects women’s health.
  6. Research shows that 70% to 100% of women (average 80 percent) wearing the wrong bra size
  7. Health problems caused by improper bra wearing are headache, back pain, shoulder pain, rib pain, shortness of breath, breast pain, feeling like the breast is swollen. feeling a lump in the breast flatten the breast change the color of the breast to become darker have stress problems uncertainty Bad personality, fungal infection or abscess from dampness, pressure
  8. Some studies have concluded that For some people, having a bra (not wearing a bra) may be healthier than wearing a bra. Especially those who have frequent shoulder pain. Result

story of the breast

Khun Nee (assumed name), 28 years old, single, came to me with a painful sensation in her chest.

“I have been having chest pains for months. I’m really scared that I’ll get breast cancer.” Khun Nei Kern

“Did you lift heavy things?” I asked.

“No, I’m an office girl. Sit and work in front of the computer. The work is not heavy.

“How’s the pain?” I asked for more details.

“The pain is deep, throbbing, sometimes it hurts to breathe.”

“Is it both sides or one side?”

“It’s only on the left side.”

“So when you’re in pain, what do you do to get rid of it?”

“Most of them buy painkillers to eat. I feel better after eating.”

“Then let me examine you first.”

The results showed that there were no abnormal lumps in both breasts. The left breast is tender at the base of the breast near the armpit. When examining the details lifeline hospital, it was found that there were press marks of bras, or what women like to call bras for short, in that area.

“Is your bra too tight?” I asked.

“This bra I bought a new one and I’ve been wearing it for a month now. It’s a bra that makes breasts grow. When wearing, the side of the milk must be scooped into the bra completely. I felt uncomfortable when wearing it at first bitsandboxes. But put it back and forth and get used to it.

“Probably a result of wearing a bra that is too tight. You’re hurting the muscles of your ribs. Which if frequently pressed It can be inflamed. Because the rib muscles contribute to breathing. When the inflammation comes up, take a deep breath. It hurts.”

“So what should I do?”

“Come on, try changing your bra. At this time, taking the anti-inflammatory drug Burfen symptoms should improve.”

” I don’t even know how to choose a bra. Therefore, it will be suitable for yourself, and I would like the doctor to recommend it as well.”

The following is a good introduction to you.

How to choose the right bra size that will satisfy both the person who wears it and the person who looks at it

choose the correct size Even if you have breast augmentation The size of the bra should be chosen correctly. By choosing a size consisting of band size and cup size of the breast (Cup size). no problem But nowadays, most people prefer to buy ready-made bras. which has many brands

Body size (Band size) is written as a number.

Cup size of the breast (Cup size) is written in letters.

Band size and cup size are very confusing things. Even though I chose the right one according to Pia Theory, that bra may still not fit the person wearing it. Which makes 70 to 100 percent choose the wrong bra size.

difference in milk

  1. Each woman’s milk is different, for example, some people may have a milky texture at the base, sides, at the top, or some people have a round shape. The milk is cone-shaped, banana-shaped. The chances of being fit are unlikely.
  2. Body sizes and bra cup sizes vary from country to country. Each company that produces bras
  3. In general, to produce a bra if the size is large The size of the breast will also be larger, so a 40 B bra The B cup size of a size 40 bra will be larger than the B cup size of a 30 bra.
  4. If measuring bra sizes for each brand It will be found that the band size and the cup size of the breasts are not exactly the same as those specified by the manufacturer.

The aforementioned problem: The company that produces the bra knows it well. Therefore, there is a shoulder strap to adjust the shoulder strap. and adjust the back hook two or three levels

So buying a bra Should not be bought over the internet. Or buy from a store without even trying. You should try it every time. But which one to choose to try? The first and easiest way to buy a bra or two. Is to choose the size and cup size of the breast.