How Many Children Are in Education?

Education is vital for personal and professional development. It is a fundamental human right, and many governments and non-government organizations work to improve access to education and school enrollment rates. Unfortunately, there are still many children around the worldnewshunt world who do not receive an adequate education. In fact, a recent study found that more than 260 million children around the world do not meet basic literacy and math skills.

In developing countries, the number of children who do not attend school increases with poverty. In Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, more than half of children of primary school age do not attend school. The number increases for girls and children living in rural areas. Children taught in amazinginfo  their mother tongue are more likely to attend school and stay in school longer. They are also less likely to repeat grades. In many emerging countries, the problem is often a lack of funding to build schools, provide schooling materials, and recruit teachers. The international community has pledged funds to help these countries establish an thewebgross education system for every child.

Despite this global crisis, governments must protect public education budgets and ensure that public education magazineweb360 systems are adequately resourced. This means ensuring that schools have access to clean water, sanitation, sufficient numbers of trained teachers, and accessible infrastructure. Many parents began pulling their children out of school before official closures. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a father of five told Human Rights Watch that his children were not in school until the day before the official closures. In fotolognews Cape Town, South Africa, a mother of two told the same story.