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Lengoo, a German-based language platform, has announced the completion of its Series B funding round, securing $20 million in total funding. The company has developed AI-powered language services that use thousands of freelance linguists. It also offers an online marketplace to hire language service professionals. historyglow

About Lengoo

Using an unbiased review of lingo’s website, it was revealed overallnetworth that the company has raised $20 million in its largest round to date. The aforementioned hefty sum will be used to further expand its footprint in Europe and North America. For one, the company will be able to retool its technology stack with an eye toward the enterprise. While the company is a relative newcomer, it has managed to garner the attention of established names like Target and Early bird Venture Capital. Lengoo may not be the next Google, but it is the newest entrant in the machine translation game. Currently based in Germany, the company is in the throes of a frenetic growth spurt, as it seeks to make itself the go-to provider of language related services to both corporate and individual users. Its latest funding round brings the total to over $160 million, a figure that’s been inflated by a steady influx of venture capital funding and a healthy dose of debt. interbiography

Funding round details

The German company, Lingo, has just raised $20 million in a B round of funding led by Inkef Capital and Techstars. Using the funds, the AI Company plans to expand into the North American market and introduce a few more enterprise stacks. techybio

A number of prestigious companies contributed to the feat including Creathor Ventures, Creator Ventures, Red alpine, and Techstars. These companies have invested in the company previously, but are now joined by a host of newcomers to the fold. With these funds, Lengoo is poised to bring its translation capabilities to more customers across Europe and the U.S.

Despite its small size, Lengoo boasts impressive stats, spanning 15 languages. Having been around for just over a year, the Berlin-based company has already secured customer contracts with Michelin, WWF, and even the US government. It has a small footprint, though, so the company is always looking to expand its horizons.

Lengoo has a lot to brag about, from its unique product offerings to the many ways in which it enables users to communicate with the outside world. This includes the company’s flagship application, a machine translation solution that automatically translates content in dozens of languages. mhtspace

AI-powered language services

Lengoo is a company located in Berlin, Germany. It provides a wide range of language services, including AI-powered language translation. The company offers a service that automates custom training of neural machine translation (NMT) models for enterprise clients.

Lengoo serves clients across the globe, including enterprises, global technology firms, and international agencies. The company’s products and services are designed to help businesses increase productivity and reduce costs.

Lengoo’s AI-powered translation platform is built on deep learning algorithms. This software system can translate more than 25 languages. The system uses artificial intelligence to provide professional translation services faster, cheaper, and with greater scalability. Currently, the company offers three packages.

In May, the company added Indonesian and Turkish to its services. While the company says it is actively investing in AI technology, most of its products are free to use.

Lengoo works with major manufacturers in Europe and the US. It also plans to enter the automotive industry. However, the company’s products are not yet widely recognized by the market.