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One of the top companies at the Catalyst Lunden Tech Crunch in Sweden was Multiverse 44M, a virtual reality company that has a customer base that has increased ninefold in the last two years. The company also recently announced a new valuation. Whether or not you’re interested in investing in this company, there are some things you should know about it.


Multiverse, which works with more than 500 organizations to provide apprenticeships, is announcing that it has closed a $220 million Series D funding round. Investors in this round include Lightspeed Venture Partners, Index Ventures, General Catalyst and D1 Capital Partners. The new funding round is a follow-up to Multiverse’s Series C, which closed eight months ago. This time around, Multiverse is investing the funds to accelerate its US expansion and expand its curriculum.

Multiverse works with organizations to develop apprenticeships and source candidates for their positions. Its curriculum is designed to provide a practice experience for apprentices. As a result, programs have a completion rate of 85%. In addition, its programs have seen a nine-fold increase in enrollment in the last two years.

Multiverse has a new office in New York. Its head is Euan Blair, who was the son of former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair. He also co-founded General Catalyst with Joel Cutler. Previously, Multiverse has been backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Audacious Ventures and Index Ventures.

New valuation

Multiverse, a UK based startup has been making waves in the tech industry with their apprenticeship program. This new round of funding will help them continue to expand into the US market. They recently opened an office in New York, and have plans to expand their operations across the globe in the near future. Earlier this year, Multiverse raised $44 million in a series of rounds from investors like Index Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and General Catalyst. The company has been growing at a rate of roughly four times a year and boasts over 5,000 employees. Among the company’s accomplishments is the sourcing of thousands of apprenticeships and 300 clients in the U.K knowgrowhealth.

The aforementioned series of investments is only the start, as the company has raised more than $220 million in a second round of funding led by D1 Capital Partners, Founders Circle, Audacious Ventures, and BOND. According to the company, this new round of capital was necessary to meet the rapid growth of its customer base and expand into the US market vibeslifes.

Customer base grew ninefold over the last two years

Multiverse, a nifty little startup in the London tech cluster, has scored a new round of funding a whopping eight months after it closed its first. The multi-million dollar round was led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and followed by D1 Capital and Index Ventures. Multiverse is also announcing the opening of its first US office, in New York. This is a big deal for the London tech startup, considering that the company was founded in 2008 with a modest $1.2 million in investment capital. It now employs over 5,000 employees. For starters, it’s an apprenticeship-style program designed to help tech workers build digital tools.

The company has also won the hearts of many of its more mature customers, with more than 5m accounts opened so far in the first half of the year. As for the future, the company plans to use its latest round of capital to continue expanding its offering healthylifesnews.

Key takeaways

The multiverse technology accelerator program is a global network of apprenticeship programs for students and professionals that want to get into the tech industry. Multiverse partners with 500 elite coaches to give its apprentices a mentorship. They offer apprenticeships in data analysts, software engineers, and professional services. This program is designed for people interested in tech fields and allows them to bypass student debt. These apprenticeships start at $65,000 a year and pay a starting salary reparingtips.

The multiverse team has also partnered with government programs to expand access to jobs and careers. The company notes that 85% of its apprentices complete their internships, and the company reports that a 260% increase in enrollment has been reported over the past year for specific job roles such as Software Engineering howitstart.