Can Google Home Play an iTunes Podcast? Yes!

Can Google Home play an iTunes podcast? Yes! In fact, it can! Here’s how: Start the podcast on your phone. Open the app, tap on ‘Podcasts,’ and select the device that will play the podcast. You can also pause the podcast, pick a new episode, and resume listening later. In this way, you can listen to your favorite podcasts while doing other things.

Another way to listen to podcasts is through Google Assistant. This voice-activated device understands your voice commands to play podcasts and can even search through podcasts to find them. Saying “OK Google, play podcast” to ask Google Assistant to play a podcast allows you to resume playing the show and continue listening to the podcast. You can also play podcasts with Google Home if you have an Android smartphone savefromnet.

To listen to podcasts from Google Home, you need to be signed into the Google Play Music app. Once connected, you can ask Google Home to play your podcasts. It will play the most recent episode, the next episode, and so on. You cannot queue podcasts through other apps such as iTunes, TuneIn, or Spotify. The Google Home app does not support iHeartRadio, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.

Another way to play your podcasts from iTunes on your Google Home is by casting them from your smartphone to your Google Home device. To cast a podcast, download the Podcast app on your Android device. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll want to find a podcast episode. After selecting an episode, press the “Cast” button to select the Google Home device to play it on. Make sure the device is connected to your phone before casting the podcast

Once you’ve connected your iPhone or Android phone to your Google Home, you can play music from your Android or iPhone on Google Home. You can also stream podcasts or audiobooks to your Google Home using Cast. If you don’t have a compatible audio device, try searching for a Google Home compatible app that supports Bluetooth. This way, you can easily access your favourite music and podcasts right from your phone