Advantages of Double Scaffolding

There are two main types of double scaffolding, the single and the double. These are commonly used for construction projects. Single scaffolds are usually used when there is a high area to be covered, while double scaffolds are typically used when a larger area is to be accessed. Single scaffolds use right-angle couplers to join the transoms to the standards, while double scaffolds use swivel couplers to connect the tubes at any angle.

There are several advantages to double scaffolding. First, workers do not need to worry about snagging their fingers and ankles. There are no exposed parts to get hurt, and the structure is extremely strong. It is also safer for workers, as there are no holes to drill into the wall supporting the scaffold. Furthermore, double scaffolds require a minimum amount of cleanup, making them an ideal choice for construction projects that require large putlogs and free-standing scaffolding.

Another advantage of double scaffolding is its independence. It can be used wherever a hole cannot be made in a wall to attach a putlog. The first row of standards is placed 20-30 cm from the wall, while the second row is about a metre away from it. The rows of standards are secured by ledgers, which perform the same functions as putlogs. If the putlogs do not fit, the scaffolding is not stable stylishster.

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