How to Renew USA Visa Without an Interview

In order to renew your USA visa without an interview, you must first travel home to complete all of the necessary documents. If you cannot meet these requirements, you must schedule an interview in your home country, at least three weeks prior to your departure from the U.S. You should also print a receipt of your payment as proof of payment. Read more about visa fee structures and other requirements for this type of service. Then, follow the instructions in the FAQ to get started.

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The visa renewal process is not simple and time-consuming. Certain applicants can renew their visa by mail, through the Visa Reissuance Program. To participate in this program, you must be a citizen of an EU member state and present in that country at the time of postal submission. In addition, you must be available for any consulate-related inquiries or a personal interview. During this time, you must be able to provide all of the necessary documents.

In order to renew your USA visa without interview, you must have traveled to the U.S. with ESTA authorization. If your visa is not expired, you can use the ESTA waiver to extend your stay without an interview. The deadline for this process is December 31, 2022. For more information, visit the U.S. State Department’s website. You will need to submit the following documents to qualify for the waiver:

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