How to Play Fantasy Cricket

If you want to win points in the fantasy cricket game, you need to know how to choose players. In real-life cricket, batsmen in the top order will receive more deliveries than the middle order. This will increase their chances of scoring more points and limit the opportunities of middle order batsmen. This game allows you to build a strong team. In order to win the most points in the fantasy cricket game, it’s important to choose players carefully.

To win at Fantasy cricket, you must have a clear understanding of the current performances of each player in the game. You can easily spot which players are performing well or not by checking their recent performance. Also, try not to base your team’s performance on the overall career stats of a player. Instead, choose players who have made significant contributions recently. You must also avoid playing blindly by selecting your favorite player. Instead, try to build a balanced team.

The captain and vice-captain are crucial in the game. If they perform well, you’ll get two times the points. The vice-captain will earn 1.5X the points. Selecting players with high consistency is the best strategy. Consistency is highly prized in fantasy cricket. In the real game, a team that performs well consistently will be at the top. The following tips will help you create the best team possible.